Graduate Life

Tips for Post-Grad life

I graduated 4 months ago from Reading University with a 2:1 in Archaeology and Ancient  History. When I finished Uni, I didn’t realise how different life would end up being, but I wanted to share some tips I find useful now that I’m out in the post-education world.

1. Keep going

I’ve found that getting rejection email after rejection email takes quite a hit on your self esteem and makes you question whether or not your degree was worth it. I still haven’t been successful in getting a job that needs my degree, but I’m not going to stop looking just because I’m not suitable for some places. While it’s hard, somewhere will eventually see your worth and will hire you, you just need to keep applying and putting your best foot forward!

2. Stay connected

I found that once I was no longer living 2 minutes away from all of my friends and the nearest bar, my contact with a lot of them faded away quite quickly. Friendships take a lot of work when you live hundreds of miles away so keep in contact, even if it’s only a few snapchats or a message here and there! Everyone is feeling the same way so it will be appreciated! If you end up near someone, let them know and have a catch up! It’s also refreshing to have someone to talk to who is in the exact same position in life as you are.

3. Do something

I’ve found that it can be pretty lonely and tiring if you have nothing to do day after day, so why not commit to something like gym, an evening class, or volunteer? It will keep you busy when you aren’t job hunting, and could also possibly help to boost your CV! This is my little extra for when I’m not at work and it already excites me to have a new project to work on!

4. Don’t be afraid to aim for less

A job in your dream sector would be amazing right? Sometimes this doesn’t work out right away, so settling for a job doing something else isn’t the end of the world if it still gets you money. I’m still working at the Supermarket that I’ve been at since my first year of Uni, but it means that I’m still independent with my own funds, and I am gaining more and more experience as I search for something else that I want to do.


This is all I have for now, but I hope that it’s helpful!


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