Self Care

Post-graduation hasn’t been the easiest time for most people I know. A lot of us are stuck in jobs unrelated to our degree and not in the best place mentally.

I haven’t written a post for over a week due to a mix of being incredibly busy with overtime and not feeling the best, so I thought I would do a little post about self care and doing what’s best for you!

I’m obviously not a professional, these are the things that help me when I’m not feeling my best. This is just meant to help if you feel down, but professional help is always advised if you think it may be something more than just a low mood.

Take time and space

I find the best thing for me when I’m feeling down is to take some time for myself. Do something you love and makes you feel happy, whether that’s reading, writing, playing video games or the gym – as long as you focus on your wellbeing. Something as simple as taking the time out of your day for a bath can help you relax and ignore the world for a short time.


On the other hand, I find that seeing friends can also help to distract you from negative thoughts – keeping busy can help, but don’t overdo it – listen to yourself and find what will make you feel better for the time being. Time to yourself is useful, but isolation helps no-one.

Talk to someone

Find that friend that you can vent to who is understanding and knows you well – it can help to have someone just listen to you or even tell you they’re in the same position – being lonely will only make you feel worse.

Get Outside

I know it’s cliche, but I find a bit of fresh air can help a lot. Being cooped up inside for days on end is suffocating, but going for a walk can help you think things over, or even just forget about your issues for a while.

Switch Off

Politics and being surrounded by people doing well can have obvious negative affects, so I’ve changed the worst offenders on my Facebook to ‘Acquaintances’ so their posts don’t come on my feed. It actually helps me because while I’m happy for them, it makes me worry that I’m not good enough. Unfollowing pages that post constant sources of bad news, even for a short period of time can help to alleviate helplessness and some negative feelings.


I’m terrible with this, but I notice that I feel better mentally when I actually take care of my body. I feel less tired and sluggish when I drink enough water and eat enough fruit and veg, so my mood is lifted as well.


I know that these sorts of posts are rehashed in just about every corner of the internet, but I thought that writing my personal list of helpful things will maybe inspire some people to take care of themselves and make sure they focus on them sometimes. It might also remind me to actually keep doing these things every once in a while!


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