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Almost a year on

Hi again.

I started this blog a little under a year ago and I originally had so many ideas for what to talk about, but I lost enthusiasm for writing at the beginning of this year.

I’m working full-time as a supervisor in the same Supermarket I started at 4 years ago, and whilst it gives me good customer service experience, it isn’t what I expected or wanted to be doing over a year after graduation. It’s taken me a year to realise that I haven’t been able to find a job I wanted to do because I’ve not been fully interested in any of the ones I’ve been applying for, so I’ve decided to save up money to do a Masters in 2019! It’s given me a new purpose and aim so hopefully it’ll make me focused on something exciting!

2018 has been pretty difficult mentally so far, but I’m trying to be more positive and use this focus to improve myself, starting with updating this blog a little more regularly!

I know this is a short post; I’m still struggling to find things to say, but I want to try and get something out to start the cogs turning a little bit!


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