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Review: Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for sending me this book to review!

~Fairy Godmother says:

you are limitless.

You can have the lipstick.

You can have the sword.~

I absolutely love Amanda Lovelace – I’ve enjoyed every single book she has written and I re-read them regularly. I already know that I will be buying a physical copy of this one to do the same thing!

This book is half Cinderella, half real life, which twist and shape into a gorgeous narrative where Cinderella finds her self-worth without her Prince. Her poetry is simple, but evokes deep emotions through the power of just a paragraph or a sentence. Not many people can do that and I love her even more for it!

Amanda has a beautiful way with words that really speaks to me, and I assume will with a lot of women (and possibly men!). Her poetry is raw and real, uncovering the toxicity of relationships both romantic and otherwise. This collection feels more uplifting than some of her other books, injecting positivity, the idea of self-love and self-worth between the narrative in the shape of the Fairy Godmother. She is the voice of reason when everyone around Cinderella is being awful, which is a lovely addition. I can see a lot of these poems being hung on walls and memorised!

She still touches on difficult subjects, hence the trigger warnings at the front of the book. I deeply appreciate that she does this for every single book that she has – this should definitely be a normality.

The illustrations in this book are simply wonderful and probably my favourite of her works so far. I think they tie in to the narrative especially well are give the book another dimension.

I understand that modern poetry isn’t for everyone, but Amanda’s poetry can read as single statements which put across an important message regardless. I’d recommend anyone who has ever felt worthless, sad, confused about someone, has/had body issues to read this as it will give you a boost you may not have known you needed.

I absolutely devoured this book (I finished it within an hour…it’s just that good!) and is easily within my top 3 of this year (I’ve already read quite a lot!). I haven’t connected to a collection of poetry this strongly for a very long time so I’m excited to see where this series goes. I can’t wait for general release so others can share my joy in reading this wonderful book! 5 stars and a huge recommendation from me!

This book is released on 17th March 2020

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